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MockProvider Fields

The fields of the MockProvider class are listed below. For a complete list of MockProvider class members, see the MockProvider Members topic.

Public Static Fields

TestName The name of the currently executing test. Used for matching mock readers and data for statements
TestParams A key/value dictionary of test parameters. Used to pass parameters to queries when the original query being mocked might not have them, and to select specific test datasets based on parameters. The key is the name of a query, the value is a HybridDictionary of parameter name, parameter value.

Protected Instance Fields

_classTypes (inherited from Provider)A holder class for the types of objects a provider can create
_connections (inherited from DelegateProvider) Their default connection strings.
_paramTypes (inherited from Provider)The mapping of CLR/Types to DB types (enum values for each provider)
_providers (inherited from DelegateProvider) The real providers
_recordToDir (inherited from Provider) Do we record the data as we get it?
_statements (inherited from Provider)The StatmentmentManage who can cache and collect statements

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