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BasicStatement overview

Public Instance Constructors

BasicStatement ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the BasicStatement class.

Public Instance Fields

CommandTimeout (inherited from Statement) The command timeout associated with the statement
CommandType (inherited from Statement) The type of command based one the CommandType enum
Description (inherited from Statement) Optional description of this statement for use in code gen
Name (inherited from Statement) The name of the statment in terms of your application
OutputParms (inherited from Statement) The output parameters used by this statement.
Parms (inherited from Statement) Input parameters. These must be created by code
SQL (inherited from Statement) The Sql the statement represents and will execute

Public Instance Properties

Command (inherited from Statement) The actual IDbCommand that will be called for this statement
ExecuteStyle (inherited from Statement) A representation of the execute style expected for this statement. These are: DataReader, Scalar, NonQuery. It is assumed that GetDataSet is always possible where DataReader is the style. This method is intended for code generation purposes. If the property is set in the statement file, that setting will be used, otherwise a set of regexes in the DataFactory config file will parse the statement name and infer a statement type in the following manner. All words are case insensitive DataReader statement name contains get, query, list, select statement SQL contains select if the following scalar and non query tests don't result in a match, DataReader will be the default execute style Scalar statement name contains scalar NonQuery statement name contains update, add, create, delete, insert statement SQL contains update, insert, select into, delete
Provider (inherited from Statement) The SnapDal Provider

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