SnapDAL Library Documentation

SnapDAL Namespace

The Core SnapDAL classes used by all providers


AppContext Context class from which thread specific information can be shared between snapdal actors
DataCommandDecorator A base class decorator for a IDbCommand to allow interception of the methods. In addition to allowing interception of the Command methods, it also allows you to put a decorator on the Reader the command will return so you can capture or manipulate the data output by the command
DataFactory The simple interface to a Factory based provider solution to execute data access commands using the ADO.Net framework. The DataFactory hides the complexity of using a factory to produce the generic data access components of Ado.Net and provides best practice execution of most common queries.
DataFactoryException Exception Class
ProviderBoundTypes Simple data holder object. Can be extented by a provide to provide custom types.
Statement Holds the statement values and parameters of a named statement.
StatementManager Represents the Statements in a single directory structure. Once read from the file system in the directory the cache is initialized for, statements can be cached in memory. Subsequent uses will clone any Command objects associated with the Statement and are by default.


IDataLayer Represents the abstraction layer for data acess (DAL)


Parm Holds the atrrbutes used to define a particular parameter used in a query


DataCommandDecorator.ExecuteCommand A Command type that given the IDbCommand and a statement name, will configure the IDbCommand as needed before the execution is called
DataCommandDecorator.ReaderExecutedCommand A Command type that will take a IDataReader and decorate it with something that intercepts calls


ProviderType An Enum of built in provider types