SnapDAL Samples

There are samples available in the samples directory of the distribution. As the c# release was focused primarily on providing the ability to integrate mock objects into the code as painlessly as possible, a large part of the "documentation" of SnapDAL is the test suite itself. This was not provided at all in the first version but now represents a much larger part of the codebase than the code itself. Throughout the documentation there are specific references to unit tests that illustrate a particular design feature or use scenario. This is no accident because the tests preceded the code in all the new features, and during all the restructuring that went into the new design.

The most likely introduction to SnapDAL is by using the DataFactory itself. This useage is well documented in the documentation, the sample code, and the DataFactoryTests.cs file.

More advanced use the Provider and StatementManager directly is only documented in the ProviderFactoryTests and MockProvider test files. The architecture page has additional information and ideas.